About Us


Tax Paramarsh is a brand of Shrewd Management Services Private Limited

Welcome to Tax Paramarsh

For every micro and small individuals & businesses, we are giving a single-point consultancy hub under a brand name of Tax Paramarsh where every Taxation, Insurance, Loan and Financial services is providing. We give a sense of belongingness to every client and stakeholder regarding their Taxes, Insurance, Finance & Legal. Our primary focus on the Individuals, Indian Startup, MSME’s and local businessman..

Tax Paramarsh is brand of Shrewd Management Services Private Limited registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Shrewd means sharp in practical matters and of course consultants should be sharp and intelligent enough to deal with government authorities, managing finances, selecting right insurances otherwise clients will suffer.

Vision: “Become Family Financial Advisor for all Services”

Mission: “Bring scattered Tax, Finance, Insurance, and Investment services under one roof"


So as a Philosophy we believe “Serve Client like a Family Member”

There are almost all services which are proving in this industry. But, the majors are Income Tax, Goods & Service tax, Corporate Services, Startup Services, Insurances, Loaning and other incidental Services. There are two way approach of providing services first data entry approach in which take documents, prepare and upload it. There is no suggestion, no advisory, no technical skills just data entry. But, we as a company do not follow this approach. We are following second approach in which we are consistently developing our know-how, collaborate with Experts and with the help of these we provide best services to our Clients at very affordable price sets.